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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Domino Effect

Twins fans... be prepared.

Torii Hunter was a tough loss to swallow. The trade of Johan Santana can no longer be discussed as if, but when. But as I said, be prepared.

It appears that Hunter's signing for mega dollars with the Angels coupled with Santana declining the Twins 4-year $80 million dollar extension was the opening of the floodgates for what will most definitely be a crazy offseason for GM Bill Smith and the Twins.


The list of suitors as of today appears to be the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Angels, and Dodgers. The Yankees have made the most headlines admitting they have had "preliminary discussions" with the Twins regarding Santana. Mets GM Omar Minaya has also stated they have talked to the Twins and is reported as saying he will "get creative" to try and acquire the All-Star lefty.

Names thrown around in talks with the Yankees include the big three of Yankee pitching prospects Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy as well as Yankee CF Melky Cabrera and 2B Robinson Cano. Any deal would certainly have to include one of the three pitching studs, one of the two Yankee starters, and one or two more minor league prospects. It has been reported that Chamberlain and Cano are nearly untouchable in any deal.

Minaya of the Mets loves to make a splash during the offseason and this season may actually need to after the Mets catastrophic collapse at the end of the season. One intriguing name quietly mentioned in talks about Santana is the Mets' electric shortstop Jose Reyes. To me, that may be the one player the Twins could acquire that would at least make up for Santana's presence and appease the fans. Reyes teamed with Mauer and Morneau could form an exciting young trio for years to come.

The Red Sox are reported as "actively pursuing" but seem to be very unwilling to part with young stars Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Bucholtz. A deal for Santana would seemingly have to include one of the two, but Boston must be mentioned because where the Yankees are the Sox are always close behind.

The Dodgers definitely have the young players to make a deal but may be unwilling to sign Santana to a large extension and the Angels just joined the fray with the intriguing possibility of Santana teaming up with new Angel and former Twin Hunter.


To keep a long blog short, the rumor mill is swirling and almost every bit of news seems to include the Twins. Names include the obvious Santana, young Twins pitcher Matt Garza, and All-Star stud closer Joe Nathan with names returning to the Twins such as the Red Sox Coco Crisp, the Rays rookie of year runner-up Delmon Young, the Diamondbacks young outfielder Carlos Quentin, and more. It appears that if Santana is (sorry when) he is traded, Nathan will follow him right out the door. Check out the Fox Sports trade rumors to read the MLB hot stove rumors concerning the Twins.

For more news on Santana along with the new Nathan rumors, Star Tribune writer, La Velle E. Neal III writes in his Twins blog.

Also, what's your opinion? Star Tribune poll asks which team will give the return in a trade for Santana?


Scott D. Meyer said...

Talk about dominos. Sounds like big things going down with Garza and Delmon Young. What's the word from the MVB?

Dad said...

Hey John, Good research, thanks for keeping me up to date. Just heard on the news that they did trade Garza to Rays. Oh for joy!_ We get to keep Silva but send the hot new pitching prospect down the road? I thought we were rebuilding if they trade Santanna, I thought rebuilding meant keeping the good young prospects?? I got a phone call on my home run porch package today - Cris Carson is my Twins ticket agent! Keep a close eye on the Twins shenanigans for me. Dad