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Monday, December 1, 2008

Reyes future will soon be clearer


As of 4:13 pm, Joe C. of the Star Tribune announced that the Twins DID offer Dennys Reyes arbitration. Big Denny has until this Sunday to either accept or decline the offer. If declined the Twins will receive a draft pick from whatever team signs Reyes.

The Twins have a decision to make today regarding the future status of relief pitcher Dennys Reyes. Monday at 11 PM marks the deadline to offer arbitration to any eligible players.

The team must decide to either offer arbitration and determine the salary of a one year deal, offer arbitration and if Reyes signs elsewhere receive a draft pick as compensation, or simply allow Reyes to walk with no compensation. Of course, the Twins could also not offer Reyes arbitration and then try to resign Reyes later.

I believe the Twins will offer arbitration today to Reyes and I think they should. The Twins certainly value their draft picks and if Reyes leaves an extra pick in next year's June draft would hopefully be put to go use. However, if Reyes accepts arbitration the Twins aren't stuck in a bad situation. The team would only be on the hook for a one year deal for a player who has been quite solid for the Twins bullpen for the past three years.

Twins fans and Reyes alike will have a clearer picture on his Major League future by 11 PM tonight.

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Scott D. Meyer said...

what happened with Reyes?!