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Monday, February 25, 2008

Liriano is Legal and Fantasy Preview

Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano obtained his visa today and will arrive in Fort Myers at Twins camp on Wednesday.

A new memorandum that was passed last summer by Secretary of State Condolezza Rice requires those with a DUI misdemeanor to undergo counseling and pass a sobriety test before receiving a visa. This new memorandum has kept Liriano out of Twins camp and will end up delaying the pitcher a full 10 days. Liriano has been working out at the Twins academy in the Dominican Republic while waiting for the visa issues to process. It has been reported that the lefty has looked "strong and healthy" in his pitching sessions in the D.R.

When Liriano arrives he will certainly be watched closely and I believe a healthy Liriano is the difference maker between a good and an average season.


If any MVB readers are into Fantasy Baseball, ESPN did a Minnesota Twins fantasy team preview today. Whether you're optimistic about the '08 Twins or more of a realist about this young squad in arguably baseball's toughest division, the Twins roster does have some solid fantasy contributors.

Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, and Joe Nathan are three players that will make any fantasy team better and are owned in every league. Michael Cuddyer is a solid contributer on many teams, Jason Kubel is regarded as many fantasy "experts" across the internet as a potential sleeper for 2008, and Liriano is the definition of a high-risk/high-reward player. Liriano shouldn't be drafted too early because of his glaring health issues, but should definitely be snatched up at the right time with his potential of posting monster numbers in 2008.

The Twins MVB will be participating in a couple fantasy baseball leagues this year and I will be giving any tips or advice that I can for your own league. I'm certainly no distinguished expert, but I did win the two leagues I participated in 2007 (one internet public league and one with old friends from home). At any point in the year, if interested, please feel free to post questions or comments regarding fantasy baseball.

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