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Monday, May 12, 2008

Exciting on ESPN

Because I go to school in an area where the cable TV is for some reason considered FSN Chicago and not FSN North, whenever the Twins are on national TV, like ESPN, it's a big deal.

It was so nice to watch such an exciting ballgame tonight on television. The Twins and Red Sox battled it out through nine hard fought innings full of scoring. Nick Blackburn perservered the entire night despite not having his best stuff, but continued to give his team a chance to win. Ron Gardenhire gave DH Craig Monroe the nod against knuckleballer Tim Wakefield which turned out to be a great decision as Monroe smacked 2 HRs and drove in 4 runs. Gomez did look a bit overmatched at the play tonight which seems to be the case about every 3 games, but stole his 16th base in the process. Joe Nathan gave up just his second and third runs of the season and looked a bit nervous in the big game which is a rare occurence, but still buckled down and picked up his 12 save of the season.


I'm going to come out and make a bold prediction. Right here, right now, because that's what bloggers do. Especially when they don't want their posts to sound like every other postgame report. IF JOE MAUER CAN STAY HEALTHY, I predict he will win his second batting title in 2008. He may have only gone 1-4 tonight but he is hitting the ball hard and hitting it in the right places. Jacolby Ellsbury made a diving catch to steal a double away from Mauer. I just think the kid is in the zone this year just like he was in 2006. I tell myself, jeez, it May 11th and Joe doesn't have a homerun yet. That's b/c he's not trying to hit one. It's more of a sure thing for him to slap an RBI single, so he simply does. We all know he has a history of injury troubles, but if he stays healthy I'm looking for my BOLD PREDICTION to come true!

Here's the Sportscenter video recap of the game tonight!


I want to leave you with this great video. In my opinion, it may not have been the flashiest or most important moment of the season thus far, but Micah Owings wins my award for the Best Moment of April!

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