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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Around the MLB and the mighty Tyner

A few big pieces of information on this cold winter day across the Majors. The Baltimore Orioles traded former MVP Miguel Tejada to the Houston Astros for a handful of 5 young players. The Orioles save a lot of money and get much younger and the Astros acquire an All-Star who is definitely on the decline. It will remain to be seen whether the Astros keep Tejada at shortstop or move him over to the hot corner. Tejada should benefit to feasting on National League pitching and moving into a hitter's ballpark in Houston.

The San Francisco Giants added a very needed bat to their weak offense by signing free agent CF Aaron Rowand to a 5-year $60 million deal. Rowand's name was thrown around by the Twins but never reached serious discussion given the contract he was looking for. This was a large deal for Rowand given he had a surprise breakout season last year.

Lastly, tomorrow is a big day for Major League Baseball. At 2 pm ET, former Senate majority leader, George Mitchell, will be conducting a news conference to announce the results of his 20-month investigation into baseball's drug problem. It is expected that many player's names will be mentioned and there will be some revealing information about what was going on during the "Steroid Era." This could get ugly, here's more information.

In the Twins news department, the mighty Jason Tyner (who hit his first career homerun this year after 1,220 at-bats) was let go today by the Twins. It appears the Twins' outfield was a little too full.

1 comment:

jimmybrandt said...

Hate to break the news and steal your thunder, but Tyner was released because of the Mitchell Report. Turns out, he's only a seven-year-old child, but has more 'roids in him than Ivan Drago. Conseco's going to break the story in his upcoming book, I promise.