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Monday, December 17, 2007

Never Trust a Yankee

Hi Twins fans, I apologize for the post delay as this weekend was a travel weekend. Nonetheless, the Twins continue to make news this offseason in what is becoming the busiest Twins' offseason I can remember.

Friday afternoon, the day after the Twins signed SS Adam Everett from the Houston Astros, they again reached to the Houston organization and signed free agent third baseman Mike Lamb. The left side of the 2007 Astro's infield has now essentially become the left side of the 2008 Twins' infield.

Lamb is a traditional Twins signing as he comes with some questions marks at an affordable price tag, but is full of potential. Lamb has never had the opportunity to play full time as a starter and he should get that chance to earn the role for the Twins come spring training. In a backup/platoon role last year, Lamb hit .289 with 11 homeruns and 40 RBIs. Lamb is a left handed hitter, 32 years old, with a career batting average of .281, and a solid (but not great) defensive glove.

Based on what I've read, sources say Lamb and Everett will take over the left side of the infield with newly acquired Brendan Harris defending 2nd base. This will put Nick Punto back into his former utility role. This infield along with 1B Justin Morneau will be much better offensively then last years squad and I believe Nick Punto needs to be a utility player and not an everyday starter.

In Santana news, it has been reported that the New York Yankees jumped back into trade discussions with the Twins regarding the Twins ace. The Yankees had set a deadline during the winter meetings to trade for Santana and when that deadline passed they claimed to be "done". Not surprising after the Yankees said they were never going to sign A-Rod after he opted out of his contract...and look what happened. With the trade of Oakland A's ace Dan Haren to the Arizona Diamondbacks last Friday, the Yankees' options for acquiring a frontline starter are diminishing which may make them more desperate to give up players for Santana.

The moral of the story... never trust a Yankee!

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Dan said...

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