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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Morneau, Cuddyer, and Dan are winners

Friday marked a historic day in Twins history. The Twins inked former MVP Justin Morneau to a six-year $80 million deal, the largest contract in franchise history. The Twins didn't stop there as they also locked up rightfielder Michael Cuddyer to a three-year $24 million deal. In amazing news, Twins owner Carl Pohlad opened his wallet 104 million dollars deep, which we all know is still pocket change to the billionaire banker.

The sighs of relief across Twins Territory were great enough to blow the air out of the Metrodome as Twins fans know two of their stars will be sticking around for awhile longer. After an offseason that has seen franchise star Torii Hunter leave and the imminent departure of ace pitcher Johan Santana, we're reassured to see Cuddyer in the new ballpark in 2010 and we can rest easy as Morneau will not be a free agent until 2013.

I was ecstatic to read this news and see new GM Bill Smith be proactive and lock up our key players which past management has failed to do. I think the Cuddyer 3-year deal is a good one given the current high market value. Initially it may seem more than he is worth, but it is key for the Twins to know they have a stable right hand bat to produce for three years in the middle of the lineup. Cuddyer brings a great outfield arm, below average defensive range, but it is a great man for the clubhouse and the Twin Cities. Having Morneau locked up is such an important move for this franchise. This is the first time Twins fans can know they will have a star player like Kirby Puckett sticking around Minneapolis for awhile. Morneau will not only be around for the opening of the new ballpark but for many years after. He will be the new face of the franchise along with catcher Joe Mauer, so let's hope for a few more MVP awards.


I apologize as I cam currently on a 10 day roadtrip and internet access will be rare. That's why this breaking news from Friday is posted so late. But the Twins contract announcements came as a great opener for the 2008 Twins FanFest at the Metrodome. From what I've read and seen in pictures, the weekend looked like another great success and most importantly there was good news to share.

Attending the Twins FanFest will be the winner of the first ever Twins MVB Free Prize Giveway, Dan. Dan is an avid MVB reader from Farmington, MN.

Congratulations to Dan and I promise another free prize giveaway in the future.

Until then, celebrate the good Twins news and prepare for more with the Santana trade clock ticking down to four weeks.


Scott D. Meyer said...

So Trombley doesn't still play for the twins? Hope tour is going well. When you have time, check out: www.calumetconnections.com/

Later bro.

Dan said...

Thanks for the tix. What a good deal.

Anonymous said...
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