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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rumors Flying

With every day that passes it seems that either the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets have emerged as the favorite to land Twins ace Johan Santana or one of the three teams seems to be out of the race. I can honestly say I'm no longer sure who is the favorite, what the GM Bill Smith and the Twins are looking for, or where Santana will be at the start of spring training.

I decided to compile all the "news" that I have read which is actually more speculation/rumor. But it's certainly fun to guess and wonder, so here is what the supposed insiders know...

In Boston, Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald writes that the "experts" believe the Sox have the best talent to offer the Twins.

In New York, the boy who cried wolf, I mean Hank Steinbrenner, is still trying to decide if he is "in or out" of the Santana sweepstakes. Tyler Kepner of the New York Times says the Yanks expect to open camp without Santana.

In Minnesota, despite reports that the Yankees are out, the Twins are confident that the stakes are "still a 3-horse race." Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune argues the Twins need the Yankees for leverage.

In Chicago, (yes Chicago) Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald says the Chicago Cubs should seriously look into Santana.

In Bill Smith's office, it is believed that the Twins GM has no timetable of if or when he will make a trade. Nick Carardo of the The Boston Globe Reports.

So MVB readers, you decide who the favorite to land Santana, what Bill Smith and Twins are looking for in return, and where will Santana be in the end.

And if you find any answers..... I'd love to hear them in the comments.

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