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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More work to be done in 2008

Today is January 2, 2008 which means the the Twins office in Minneapolis is finally open again and the organization is back to work. And there is certainly more work to be done...

With so little news to report over the holidays I apologize on the lack of posting. There is still little at the moment, but I predict the month of January to again be very busy for GM Bill Smith and the Minnesota Twins.

In this good piece by Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse, GM Smith admits that there is still "one issue" left to resolve. This of course is Santana, there is also some good commentary on the offseason progress of 3 potential starters for the 2008 rotation.

Also, MLB.com gives a 2008 preview of the Minnesota Twins with an offseason recap if you've been left out in the dark.

Keep checking back for more Twins news. Until then, check out the poll about Twins great and witty TV broadcaster, Bert Blyleven. With 287 career wins, 3,701 strikeouts, 60 shutouts, and a 3.90 lifetime ERA... should Blyleven be in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame?

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