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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Off Day Thoughts

One week ago today I wrote about Opening Day and the start of the baseball season. Seven days later the Twins are 3-5 with some questions as well as some answers. All in all, I'd say 3-5 is about expected with opening series against the Angels, Royals, and a game against the White Sox.


Is Livan Hernandez for real?
The ancient righty is off to a 2-0 start with a 3.86 ERA. He's providing stability and leadership to a young rotation. Hope it continues!

When will Jason Kubel become full time? Kubel's batting .221 and slugging .409, not great, but he's younger, has more potential, is a better hitter, and Craig Monroe is batting .091 and slugging .182.

How will the Twins replace Michael Cuddyer? Denard Span was called up when Cuddy went on the DL. A surprise move in my opinion. Span slides into the #2 spot in the lineup which makes a lefty/lefty duo of Mauer and Morneau batting 3rd and 4th. I think the Twins lineup will have even more trouble scoring runs now and I think Delmon Young should be batting between the M&M boys. At least this may give Kubel more at bats.

Will Francisco Liriano make an impact in the rotation? I sure hope so. He struggled in his first minor league start and will make his AAA start today with Rochester. Word has it that he make return to the big leagues on Sunday.


Joe Nathan is a stud. The Twins signing of Nathan was a sign of commitment to winning and it kept a shutdown closer in the bullpen. At least we know that if we're winning going into the 9th inning, we'll get the win. Nathan's current line: 3 SV, 3 SV opportunities, 3 IP, and 3 SO.

Nick Blackburn is for real. In 2 starts and 12 IP, Blackburn has a 2.25 ERA with 12 SO and only 3 BB. He owns an 0-1 record due to poor run support, but this kid will be very important this season and may never lose his rotation spot that he won this spring.

The American League is deep. Baltimore is in first place, Oakland is not just rebuilding, Kansas City is so much better, and this leaves Boston, Seattle, and Detroit in last place. These three teams will not be in last place for long, but it doesn't matter who the Twins play because the American League is good.

Carlos Gomez is really fast. The kid has stolen 5 bases already which has prompted the MVB to start a Carlos Gomez stolen base count in the sidebar. But he's not just fast, Gomez is batting .333 and has scored 5 runs in 8 games. If he can continue to get on base, Mauer, Morneau, and Young will be very happy.

We'll see what questions and answers emerge in week 2 of the season...

YOUR OPINION: What questions do you see so far concerning the Twins?

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Scott D. Meyer said...

where's the stolen base sidebar? by the way motsus rocks. maybe you should show on the main page which cities you service. the layout, colors, logo, and quick loading time are awesome.