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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tiger Frustrations

The Twins suffered a tough loss last night falling 11-9 to the Detroit Tigers. Despite having a 5-0 lead in the 6th and a 9-4 lead in the 7th, the Tigers were able to take advantage of a bullpen collapse scoring six runs in the 8th and claiming their third victory of the season.


- The Twins may have awaken a sleeping giant. They faced a 2-10 Tigers club at the perfect time and seemed to have a victory all but wrapped up. A big come from behind win like this may be all Detroit needs to get rolling.

- Matt Guerrier and Pat Neshek do not look good. This is bad considering these two are the best bullpen arms outside of Joe Nathan. I expect Jesse Crain and Juan Rincon to have some struggles, but the Twins need Guerrier and Neshek to be sharp. That's the second time this week the bullpen blew a win.

- Pitchers are figuring out Carlos Gomez. So now that the Gomez jerseys have flown off the shelf and people have claimed Gomez the savior, we all must wake up a bit. Gomez is 0 for his last 14 and it seems pitchers are figuring hime out a bit. He's been getting a lot of fastballs up and in and is having trouble adjusting. This is expected with a young player like Gomez, but hopefully he and hitting coach Joe Vavra can make the necessary adjustments.

- Everett can't hit... or field? Yeah we knew he wouldn't hit, for proof look no further than his .185 BA, but we were told he would be a phenomenal fielder. "Gold Glove Caliber" I believe were the words that Gardy used, yet Everett made his 3rd error last night in this very short season and it came at a very crucial time in the end of the game. There is rumor he's having shoulder problems which would come as a legitimate excuse for the errors, but then why is he playing? Let the kid Matt Tolbert play. He's crushing the ball and has something to prove. Frustrations go to both Everett and Gardenhire for his managing decisions.

Scott Baker takes the hill tonight facing off against the Tigers' Nate Robertson. Hopefully the Twins can split the two game series and clear away some of my frustrations.

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