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Monday, April 28, 2008

Off Day and an Amazing Catch

Twins off tonight after they completed a 2-4 West Coast roadtrip to Oakland and Texas. The trip saw Francisco Liriano hit an ultimate low showing no command and being sent down to minor leagues, a offense stymied by Oakland's pitching scoring only 5 runs in three games, a surprise offensive burst of 12 runs in Texas to claim a victory, Michael Cuddyer hit his first homerun of the season in his first game back from the DL, and of course the return of Livan Hernandez to earth as he was roughed up by the Rangers.

All in all, not a great road trip, but the Twins remain at 11-14 and are right in the pack of a crowded AL Central through the first month of the season.


- With the return of Cuddyer, Ron Gardenhire has decided to move Delmon Young down in the order. This should put less pressure on Young who seems to be pressing at the plate, but I need to see him start hitting! He has no homeruns and only 8 RBIs.

- We knew the rotation would have some question marks this year, but we thought our bullpen would be very solid. Gardenhire can't be afraid to use Joe Nathan in non-save situations and the rest of the bullpen (excluding Dennys Reyes) needs to step up.

- As figured with a young club, the Twins seem to score 1 run one night and 9 runs the next night. I need to see some more offensive consistency. With Cuddyer healthy, hopefully the Twins can settle into a set batting order.

I'll be in Minneapolis tomorrow evening for the opening game of the 2 game series against the White Sox. This will be my first game since opening day, so hopefully I will see the THINGS I NEED TO SEE.

Until then, see this... an amazing catch made from college baseball that was the #1 play of the week on Sportscenter!

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