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Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 Wins for the rotation

So the Twins are able to salvage at least one game from the lowly Mariners yesterday in Seattle. I feel generous even using the word salvage as the series can be described by nothing other than a disappointment. That being said, it's great to see a little bite and retaliation by the young Twins ballclub. This will be needed down the stretch and especially if the team makes the playoffs.

Thanks to Baltimore clubbing the White Sox the Twins sit just a game behind first place in the Central. With Chicago off today and the Twins starting a 4-game series, the Twins have an opportunity to pick up a 1/2 game this evening.

Tonight Nick Blackburn takes the hill looking for 10th win of the season. Blackburn is 9-8 this season and has actually pitched better than his records displays. He was a victim of poor run support early in the season and like every pitcher in the rotation has lost a few of his potential wins due to a bullpen blowup.

The thought of Blacky grabbing his 10th win made me think about this young rotation. If Blackburn can get number 10 he'll join Kevin Slowey, Glen Perkins, and the departed Livan Hernandez as Twin starting pitchers with at least 10 victories this season. Scott Baker, who has arguably been the best starting pitcher this year, boasts a record of just 7-4 but also has been a victim of poor run support and bullpen blowups.

Baker still has enough time to grab 10 victories while Francisco Liriano will simply not have enough starts since being called up to claim 10 wins (but if you consider his domination in AAA the lefty currently has 14 victories in 2008). The unexpected success of the Twins this year makes me excited, but the thought of an entire rotation at or below the age of 26 and all with 10 wins makes me REALLY excited!

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