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Friday, August 22, 2008

Video Friday

Rarely do the Twins get air time on ESPN but last night they seemed to be the topic of conversation. In case you missed it I'll post the videos so you can see what's the buzz about the Twins.

This first video discusses the big series this weekend impacting the AL Central. The White Sox start a 3-game set against the AL East leading Tampa Bay Rays tonight. The Twins had a great victory taking game 1 of a 4-game set against the AL West leading LA Angels. Torii Hunter made a rare mistake in center field which ended up being the difference in the game. Hunter had nice things to say about his former team.

Here Tim Kurkjian tells us how the Twins are contending in the AL Central. He mentions closer Joe Nathan, don't look now.... but Nathan has an ERA under 1. The closer has allowed just 6 runs in 55 innings for an ERA of 0.98. WOW!

Also, if you love baseball and can appreciate a good story I would HIGHLY recommend reading this great ESPN article. It's about the 2001 Little League World Series and how two boys: the star, Danny Almonte, and the tiny boy, Matthew Cerda, lives have been changed ever since.

I'd really recommend the article, but if you're not a fan of reading (I guess you wouldn't be here) you can watch the short video below...

I love baseball!

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