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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twins take down the evil empire

The Twins showed some grit, some heart, and some fight this week taking two of three against the New York Yankees. Yeah, the Twins were playing at home and yeah, the Yanks are struggling right now, but... I'm still taking this series as a positive note.

Typically when the Twins play the Yankees they look like Little Leaguers playing against the pros, but in all three of these games (even the loss) the Twins were forced to come back from a deficit, grind out runs across the plate, and play tight ballgames.

Twins playoff teams of the past have had good records, play solid baseball, and seem to have the right makeup. However, when the playoff role around we have poor at bats, shaky starting pitching, and no clutch hitting. Let's hope this series could be a preview to early October!

I leave you with this incredibly random video. Can't believe I missed this, but happened a few weeks ago. Watch the bat in the upper left corner... incredible!

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