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Friday, August 29, 2008

Twins Best Organization in Baseball

Don't want to talk about another disappointing late inning defeat... so I won't. But for the Twins to reach my predicted road trip record of 8-6, they need to go 5-1 in their next 6 games. Yeah it was a bold prediction, but after taking the first 2 in Anaheim it was more than doable. Very frustrating.

Instead, I have a couple stories for you to check out. Dayn Perry of FoxSports.com writes that the Twins are the best organization in baseball. I usually don't like Dayn Perry and what he writes, but as a Twins fan this is worth a read.

Also, another Friday with a Little League Baseball story. In case you missed it, 9-year old pitcher Jericho Scott was banned from his league for throwing too hard!

The story is causing a bunch of uproar and debate on the internet. I want to hear your opinion? Should Scott be able to play? Should he move up a league? Or should he play a different position?

I say he should move into the Twins bullpen!!!

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