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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's funny in life how expectations can change everything. They change the way you look at something, they change the way you prepare for something, and they change the way you feel about something. Based on the way the Minnesota Twins have played this year I have high expectations, and I'm currently disappointed!

Nick Nelson of the great Nick and Nick Twins Blog writes an interesting post today about the Twins and their many narrow defeats during the month of August. Nick makes a great point that the young Twins are holding their own and fighting their way to many victories and otherwise narrow defeats. He's right and BASED ON EXPECTATIONS I should be pleased at the Twins current standing of being tied for first place with the rival Whie Sox. HOWEVER...

My expectations have risen. I know many people picked the Twins to have a rebuilding year. Some experts said last in the division. I myself said third behind Cleveland and Detroit (couldn't have been any more wrong)! But after proving that they are a legitimate team and have many great young players the Twins SHOULD be a playoff team.

Nick Nelson identifies 10 close losses that the Twins suffered in the month of August. After reviewing those games, I would fairly say we could of, would of, and should of won five of those games. A five game lead over the White Sox on September 2nd would be meeting my expectations. Dare I say exceeding them, but I would certainly feel good about our chances down the stretch.

Tonight the Twins add another one of those should have won games to the loss column, yet thankfully the White Sox also suffered defeat. Now maybe I should be more understanding of the ups and downs of a young club, but I know the Twins are capable of more and I expect nothing less. In the remaining three and a half weeks of the season I hope the Twins will play the baseball they should be playing and put themselves into the playoffs. Because that's where I expect them to be!

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