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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Teams running out of gas

I'm starting to think the Twins are running out of gas and it's making me nervous. This is a young club with only a handful of players who have played meaningful games in the month of September and I don't know if it's pressure, fatigure, or a combination of both.

Thankfully the old White Sox are also lagging a bit, but with the way the Twins have played in the past four weeks I think we're lucky to be just a game and a half back. If they can hang on through the week against Cleveland and Tampa Bay it'll all come down to the six home games next week.

Minnesota isn't the only team running out of gas as baseball's feel good story, the Tampa Bay Rays, seem to be sputtering right now. The Mets are hoping to avoid another September collapse and Arizona has just fallen off the map. I haven't even mentioned the Milwaukee Brewers who have been struggling so bad they fired their manager Ned Yost with just 12 games left in their season.

The Twins need to pick up a victory behind Francisco Liriano tonight because Wednesday they'll face the Indians Cliff Lee. Although the Twins are they only team to beat the 22-2 Lee, I don't like our chances!

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