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Monday, September 29, 2008

Game 163


So after a 162 games over six months the Twins and White Sox are tied in 1st place. The White Sox jumped all over the Detroit bullpen after Tiger starter, Freddy Garcia, pitched five really solid innings. Part of me is upset at the Twins for not taking care of business at home against Kansas City, but then I could reference probably another 20 games this season where something little went wrong that cost the Twins a win.

The other part of me realizes that this is how it should be decided. A one game playoff that will be the most important baseball game played thus far in 2008.

The only way I can cover a game like this is by doing a Twins MVB Live PLAYOFF Blogcast. But this time will be different than last week's game against the White Sox. I found a new application that will allow for live up to the minute updates, but more importantly reader interaction from YOU!

So log in tomorrow around 6 pm as we prepare for the big game and as you're watching put in your own thoughts, comments, and questions. It's going to be a wild night!


Scott D. Meyer said...

awesome program! I'll stay up for it.

j.e. brandt said...

I'd completely forgotten about your blog until last night, as Alexei Ramirez threw his hands in the air and the ball traveled toward the stands, when I swear I faintly heard you sigh from 1500 miles away.

Excited for the live blog!