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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Miss It an MVB First

Before you read my post game thoughts check this out! I feel really guilty for not being able to go to the game tonight as I have been good luck the past few nights at the dome, alas I have to work. But I will be working with computer access and watching the game on tv so I'm going to do the first ever LIVE TWINS MVB BLOGCAST! Leave your internet browswer on and refresh it every few minutes why you're watching the game for up to the minute comments and updates. As always, feel free to leave questions and thoughts during the game. Get the brooms out!


Wow, what another win last night! A 3-2 grind that saw great defense on both sides and some timely hitting from the Twins.

Mark Buerhle really pitched quite well and Nick Blackburn struggled at times but got the job done in clutch situations. The Twins bullpen stepped up with Craig Breslow, Boof Bonser, Jose Mijares, and Joe Nathan combining to pitch there scoreless innings. In a game that is this important it appears that Ron Gardenhire and decided to go with the young lefty, Mijares, in the 8th inning.

As long as the Twins win, it is great to see my old hero Ken Griffey Jr. hit some homeruns. His homerun last night was a blast circa Griffey 1997. As a baseball purist, I like the tradition of throwing a homerun ball back after an away homerun and I've always told myself I would do it if I caught a homer...BUT last night may be an exception. Some fool caught Griffey's ball which was his 611th in his career and you never know, maybe his last. I wouldn't try to sell the ball, but I would give it back to Junior just for an opportunity to meet him!

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