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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Range of emotions

This time of year losses like last night hurt even worse. It's like not only did you get stabbed in the back, but the knife was twisted.

Sorry for that, probably the most graphic thing ever written on this blog. I apologize for this blog becoming my personal diary of frustrations lately. But any Twins fan could use a place to vent these past few weeks. After last night's loss the Twins fall to 5-8 on this road trip and are miraculously only 1 game back of the Chicago White Sox.

So last night I didn't get tuned into the game until the 9th inning. I turn on my tv just in time to see Brendan Harris bust his but down to 1st base and slide head first into the base just beating out the throw for the 3rd out which allows the go-ahead run to score. Twins lead 4-3.

Nathan comes in and I'm thinking no way this goes wrong again. Even before things get worse I'm watching Nathan thinking, "Man he looks more rattled than usual. He's breathing deeper, sweating more." I say to myself, "Self, we need to get Nathan this win. He's lost some of his confidence and we need this win because we need Joe down the stretch!" Although Nathan cleary didn't have his best stuff, I thought he had enough to get out of the jam. Then comes the Blue Jays single and the error by Jason Pridie which allows the tying run to score. Nathan blows his 3rd save of the roadtrip and the Twins lose in extra innings.

Talk about a range of emotions! To make it sting a bit more: 5 of the Twins 8 losses on this road trip have been walk off wins!

I don't really want to talk anymore about last night's game. Like I said, we're lucky to be where we are right now and apparently the Twins clubhouse isn't worried. Let's hope for a win tonight and get those guys home ASAP.

Come home to the dome!

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