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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twins MVB LIVE Blogcast

7:10 PM - Here we go folks the first ever Twins MVB LIVE Blogcast!
7:10 - Can't think of a better way to start... 1 pitch... 1 out!
7:15 - Well, they don't call him a flyball pitcher for nothing! Let's see some hits from the offense.
7:18 - FSN shows a smiling Ozzie after Span's bloop single. He won't be smiling after tonight!

7:22 - Bert's never looked so smart after calling that Griffey is playing too shallow as Mauer puts a double over Griffey's head. Or maybe Junior's never looked so slow!
7:31 - I know Jr.'s swinging a hot bat, but do you think Ozzie really gave him the green light on 3-0? Slowey retires his first six!
7:38 - Someday I'm going to blog about all the possible things Carlos Gomez is saying to his bat
7:45 - Dick says it how it is, 30 pitches, 9 outs for Slowey. Great start!
7:52 - Mauer looking good with his second hit of the night. Keep those hits coming we want another batting title.
8:00 - The downside of flyball pitchers, Orlando Cabrera goes deep in the 4th to tie the game 1-1. No style points for Delmon's poor attempt of robbing a homerun.
8:03 - Listen Gomez!!! Definitely saw Span call that ball. Can't have mistakes like that.
8:09 - Slowey understandibly careful with Griffey as he walks. And Alexei Ramirez officially looks like an alien.
8:16 - Oh no! This is not good. Slowey is hit in the arm and throws the ball away, Sox take a 6-1 lead. How did this get so bad so quickly??? Mistakes by Gomez/Span and Buscher are taking their toll. Even worse, Matt Guerrier is coming into the game in the 4th inning.
8:26 - Great at bat by Brian Buscher. Twins need to be patient and get themselves back into this game. If we can get Floyd out of this game I like our chances against the Chicago bullpen.
8:31 - If Nick Punto's at bat lasted any longer I was going to have to leave and get a Banana Cream Pie Blizzard from DQ after staring at that sign so long. Telly Hughes reports that Kevin Slowey is on his way to the hospital for x-rays. I might hate Telly Hughes more than AJ. Anybody can do his job.
8:49 - Huge strikeout for Reyes on Junior. Twins certainly still in this game and most importantly they got the crowd back into it. 6-3 through five inings.
8:54 - Mauer is motivated tonight with his third hit of ballgame. That'll put him back up at .330. Let's see an MVP at bat here from Morneau.
9:02 - Twins can't bring the runners in. If I see another Menards commercial during this break I'll never buy a lawn mower in my life.
9:14 - Gomez picks up his second triple of the night followed by a near bunt single by Span. Oooh, that was close. 6-4 White Sox.
9:33 - Crain gets the job done. For some reason after the Slowey fiasco it seemed like this game was over, but the Twins are right where they need to be with three more innings to score runs.
9:39 - That's it! Never buying a lawn mower!
9:46 - Craig Breslow for Rolaids Relief Man of the Year!
9:54 - To get an understanding of how poor the White Sox bullpen has been Ozzie turns to his closer, Bobby Jenks, to get the five out save.
9:57 - So Gomez picks up his 5th hit of the game and FSN shows that Jenks has an 8.22 ERA in his last 7 and 1/3 IP. Hehe.
10:04 - Just heard the Metrodome roof has a hole in it after a dangerous decible level. What a rally! Unfortunately Alexi couldn't get the bunt down and the Twins are retired at a 6-6 tie. This is right where we need to be though.
10:16 - Gomez makes a nice unecessary sliding catch for the third inning and Nathan retires the Sox 1-2-3 in the 9th with a questionable appealed called 3rd strike on Nick Swisher. I love how the 3rd base ump just threw his hands up in the air and told Swisher to take a seat.
10:21 - Let's hope MVP voters aren't watching Morneau's 0-5 performance tonight. Thank you Ron Gardenhire for letting Joe Nathan pitch more than one inning. This is for 1st place!
10:35 - Punto showing his aggressive baserunning style and now Span will be walked. Let's go Casilla.
10:45 - WOW! I knew we had to sweep, I said we had to sweep, and I thought we really could sweep... but it actually happened. This is one of the biggest Twins wins I can remember and this series was the most impressive feats of determination, motivations, and clutch play.
10:50 - Certainly wish I could have been at this game tonight, but I couldn't have picked a better game for the first ever Twins MVB LIVE Blogcast. If you followed along with me tonight thanks a lot and if you read this later leave me a comment and let me know what you think. We'll have to do future live blocasts here at MVB.

So the Twins pull off the impossible sweep and take control of first place. Three games remaining in the season. Three games at home in the dome against the Royals for the Twins and three games at home against the Indians for the Sox. It's going to be a good weekend!


Paul said...

come on john whats more important you job or the twins they needed your good luck at the game

Randy said...

Great game...incredible game to be at! I've never heard the dome so loud. I called a friend when I was walking to my bike after the game and he asked if I was still inside because it was so loud with people screaming outside the stadium. Win Twins!

Dan said...

This was almost better to read this afternoon with the gift of hindsight on my side. What a game. The question now is will we hold on, and if we do, will we win A playoff game? Let's hope so.

Grab a beer tonight? Call me.