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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogs: In Plain English

Thanks to all who checked out my podcast appearance over at Seth Speaks. It's been a quiet week in baseball since the MVP awards were announced. Other than the Seattle Mariners naming their new manager Don Wakamatsu, Coco Crisp getting traded to Kansas City, and Mike Mussina announcing his retirement it's just been a few hushed rumors here and there.

The Twins did add eight players to their 40 man roster yesterday to prepare for the December 5th Rule 5 Draft. No big surprises here, but some good young player added to the 40 man.

Because of the quiet baseball week I want to take a moment to plug one of my favorite websites. The site is called Common Craft.com.

Common Craft is run by a husband and wife team out of their home in Seattle, WA. Their business model is in the art of explanation. I think the idea is brilliant! There is certainly information overload in today's global world and we all need a little explanation.

If you're reading this blog you probably understand what blogging is, but to get a taste of what Common Craft is check out Blogs: In Plain English...

In other news, I want to see how many, if any, Twins followers use the social connecting service, Twitter. Twitter is another one of my favorite websites and I want to use it to connect Twins fans on a whole new level. Check out the sidebar poll on the left and let me know whether or not you use Twitter. Then if you do use it feel free to leave your user name in the comments section, or if you don't feel comfortable simply email me at twinsmvb@gmail.com. Have a great Thursday!

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