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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Foul Ball Story

It's a cold blistery Wednesday here in Minneapolis with snow lying the ground. I figured enough writing from me, so today I'm leaving you with a very, very funny video that came from a CBS nightly news story. 

I have to admit I never thought I would put Katie Couric on my blog, but hey everyone loves Katie! The following story is about one of the craziest fans you'll ever see at a Major League Baseball Game. This guy has caught over 3,000 foul balls at MLB games over his lifetime and when you watch this video, in my opinion, fans like this are what ruin the experience for thousands of wide-eyed kids. But who am I to say, I'm an obsessed fan who has a blog???

After you watch the video in the comments section write your most memorable foul ball story whether you caught a ball or nearly missed!


MVB said...

My ball story goes back to I believe the 1996 season at the Metrodome. Marty Cordova and Matt Lawton were playing catch in foul territory. Cordova was coming off his 95 Rookie of the Year Award and during the Dark Ages of the Mid-90's was the star of the Twins that year.

After (politely) asking Matt Lawton for the ball he threw it up to me in the stands and I caught in the glove. When I went back home to South Dakota I told all my friends I caught a ball from Marty Cordova, the Twins star!

One season later when Cordova disappeared into the player oblivion and Matt Lawton became the Twins star, I changed the story to the truth... "Hey guys, I actually caught this ball from Matt Lawton!"

TwinsFix said...

That story is funny, yes, but kind of makes me sick. :)

My ball story was when I was very young -- my first game. My dad and I were in the left field seats and watching batting practice. I had my faithful glove and was sitting wide-eyed and enjoying and absorbing everything.

All of the sudden a ball flies right toward me, and my dad and I stood up to try and get it. A guy (much like the guy in the movie) ran in front of us and jumped up and caught the ball.

I wasn't particularly upset; I was still enjoying everything, but for the next couple of batters everyone in our section was chanting to the jumping guy, "Give it to the kid! Give it to the kid!"

Chaddens said...

I was down in Tampa the night the Rays clinched a post season spot - I had gotten tickets from the Twins in the last row right behind the plate. The Twins were losing and Mauer and Morneau were due up so I broke out the camera for some pictures. In the middle of Mauer's at bat, as I was reviewing the pictures I had taken, I heard the crack of the bat, looked up to see people in front of me leaning to the side so I instinctively opened up my left hand -- just in time for the ball to hit my hand, bounce of the chair, off of my wife's head and down the row to the people sitting next to me. Oh well...