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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Off the TePoel

I'm No Hypocrite 

As per last week's column, I'm not going to contribute much to this week's blog. I haven't thought much about baseball or the Twins this week to be honest. I've been too busy indulging my sports fix in the world of fantasy football.

Thank goodness the football season isn't as long as baseball. Then we'd really be in trouble. It's bad enough the way it is with this football obsessed country. Seriously. Is there anything worse for coverage on ESPN than freaking mini-camps? What I can't stand is how they start making predictions for NEXT year's Super Bowl during the Super Bowl post game show. And if that wasn't enough to get your dopper up, they start psychoanalyzing the NFL draft just minutes later. Boy, I sure do set the DVR for those scout workout analyses as well. How tight can a guy throw a spiral in a mini-dome with no pads and no defenders? Who cares?

As I argued last week, the baseball "season" is year round like everything else. But at least it's baseball for crying out Charlie Brown.

Only things I paid attention to MLB-wise in my fasting were as follows:

1. Neshek's out. This is very bad for Twins fans. I personally don't think he'll ever be as dominant as he was in 2006 and early 2007. Set-up men rarely stay that unhittable for very long. With Mijares being our new 8th inning man, we'll survive.

2. Pujols is the NL MVP. They should put him in the Hall of Fame now. He literally would not have to step foot on the diamond ever again; he will finish his career as the best right handed hitter of all time.

3. Pedroia wins the AL MVP. Good for him. Not a lot of intrigue there. I do believe the Mauer-Morneau debate is more enticing. I know the MVB is a big Mauer guy. I'll make my case for Morneau as Twins MVP next week.

Till then, it's back to fine arts and culture for me...or fantasy football.

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