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Friday, November 14, 2008

Let the Early Christmas Shopping Begin!

I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, and Black Monday has yet to occur, but starting today many baseball teams will begin shopping for their "Christmas wish lists." As a Twins fan this day is relatively unexciting but for fans of big market squads or for fans of baseball in general as the free-agent signing period has finally begun. ESPN writer Keith Law has Mark Teixeira as the most coveted free-agent to be in his list of the top 50

Jayson Stark wrote a wonderful article breaking down every teams needs and the best FA that would fit. Naturally, for the Twins he said that Casey Blake fits the mold best as their potential free-agent. The scary part is that he thinks Casey may cost too much money for the Twins. Really? Casey Blake too much money? Altough Blake would definitely help the Twins at their weak spot at third, I personally will keep my fingers crossed that we don't overpay for any aging, role players like Blake. I mean just look at how Adam Everett, Tony Batista, Mike Lamb, etc. have done in the past years.

All in all Christmas has come early for the baseball fans. The presents will probably start being opened very soon with many teams hoping for a Manny or CC to be under their Christmas tree. One thing is certain though, these big presents will definately not be on sale.

1 comment:

Elaina said...

My shopping for Christmas has begun with Thanksgiving…. & I'm enjoying it these days.